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About Ted

Ted started playing bowls for the Hollybush at Stockton Brook and Baddeley Green W.M.C whilst also turning out for Johnsonís, the pottery factory where he worked.

Ted moved on to become part of the successful Hotel team in the 1970ís and 80ís. He was the first player to win the Potteries Merit back to back in 1971 and 1972. 

He was also a regular in the away county squad, helping the team bring home the Crosfield Cup in 1982.

Sue, Keith and Joe would like to thank everyone who has supported this competition, players and helpers alike.

In particular, Lynne and Tony Porter for all their help, together with Kerry Morris for his kind sponsorship and donation of the trophy.


Final 16 - Played Sunday 2nd September 2pm

Last 16

Quarter Finals




Matt Fellows (Florence T&BC) 20 Lee Dale 16 John Price 10 Joe Melvin 21

Lee Dale (Railway)

John Price (Florence T&BC) 21 John Price 21
Martin Simcock (Middleport Park) 13
Joe Melvin (Middleport Park) 21 Joe Melvin 21 Joe Melvin 21
Nick Tideswell (Middleport Park) 20
Tony Colclough (Norton Central) 15 Alan Bailey 20
Alan Bailey (Congleton Park) 21
Jeff Brown (Railway) 10 Karl Simpson 16 Danny Higginson 21 Danny Higginson 15

Karl Simpson (Gardeners)

Anthony Lloyd (Florence T&BC) 12 Danny Higginson 21
Danny Higginson (Milton Recs) 21
Aaron Steele (Florence T&BC) 20 John Black 20 Darren Beardmore 11
John Black (Fegg Hayes) 21
Darren Beardmore (Middleport Pk) 21 Darren Beardmore 21
Alex Stevenson (Gardeners) 16
Finals Day Report by Keith Williamson: -

The weather for once was kind and a good sized crowd enjoyed some great bowling from most of our top local players. For openers we had Matt Fellows, fresh from winning the Amateur League Merit for the second year running against Lee Dale, holder of the Potteries Merit. Lee just took it 21-20. There followed another titanic struggle with the clash of Middleport stars Joe Melvin and Nick Tideswell. Nick led out in the corner at 20 across with his lead bowl about 8 inches at the side of the jack, Joe then played the bowl of the day finishing about six inches on the other side with Nick finding a near impossible gap with his second bowl. There were no less than 5 games that finished 21-20.
Danny Higginson meanwhile was picking his way through the bottom half of the draw with steady wins over Ant Lloyd and Karl Simpson.
Joe Melvin was in big trouble at 12-19 down against Alan Bailey, but 'Bails' played a loose end to give Joe a glimmer of hope and playing some immaculate leads , he ran out a 21-20 winner.
The semi finals were more comfortable with Joe beating John Price 21-10 and Danny in control against Darren Beardmore winning 21-11.
In the final, Danny started the better, finding a good length near the top edge of the green into the 'Mayers Store' corner, taking an 11-5 lead. A loose end let Joe in for the first of 3 two's and with Danny losing his rhythm a little, Joe just got the upper hand and closed the game out 21 -15 to take the trophy and £260 first prize.
Prizes were presented by Ted's grandson, Joe Williamson.
All in all a fabulous day's bowling at the 'Hotel'.'

Result of Qualifiers

Saturday 25 August


Sunday 26 August

1st Round

2nd Round

1st Round

2nd Round

Darren Smallman w/o Darren Smallman 17 Paul Brown 17 Matt Hill 15
  abs Matt Hill 21
Alan France 9 Lee Dale 21 Alex Stevenson 21 Alex Stevenson 21
Lee Dale 21 Roy Price 20
Darren Foster 9 Alan Bailey 21 Kevin Robinson 17 John Black 21
Alan Bailey 21 John Black 21
Aiden Bradbury w/o Aiden Bradbury 3 Mark Campion w/o Mark Campion 15
  abs   abs
Matt Rushton 14 Josh Towey 14 Paul Fellows 14 Dave Lunn 17
Josh Towey 21 Dave Lunn 21
Karl Simpson 21 Karl Simpson 21 Dave Coleman 8 Tony Colclough 21
Alan Boulton 19 Tony Colclough 21
Neil Whittaker w/o Neil Whittaker 14 Phil Djuranovic 4 Jarrod Hamer 14
  abs Jarrod Hamer 21
Jeff Brown 21 Jeff Brown


Simon Bloor 16 Matt Fellows 21
Geoff Boulton 6 Matt Fellows 21

Tuesday 28 August


Wednesday 29 August

1st Round

2nd Round

1st Round

2nd Round

Gary Strang 18 Darren Beardmore 21 Martin Simcock w/o Martin Simcock 21
Darren Beardmore 21    
Dave Rogers w/o Dave Rogers 16 Mark Norcup w/o Mark Norcup 11
Aaron Steele 21 Aaron Steele 21 Kevin Potts 21 Kevin Potts 14
Steve Rogers 15 Harry Walklet 18
Glyn Berrisford 21 Glyn Berrisford 10 Lee Brown 11 Nick Tideswell 21
Craig Podmore 15 Nick Tideswell 21
Mark Melvin 21 Mark Melvin 16 Chris Kearns 21 Chris Kearns 12
John Simpson 5 Peter Hulse Snr 16
Anthony Lloyd w/o Anthony Lloyd 21 Danny Higginson 21 Danny Higginson 21
  abs Neil Willett 18
Paul Phillips 18 John Price 21 Ian Simpson 21 Ian Simpson 4
John Price 21 Paul Wilshaw 5
  abs Liam Peart


Fred Donaldson 15 Joe Melvin 21
Liam Peart w/o Joe Melvin 21

Total Prize Money: - £880 - subject to 64 entries
Winner: £260     Runner-up: £140      Semis: £80      Last eight: £40      Last 16: £20
Competitors failing to appear on finals day will forfeit their prize money

Contact: - Keith Williamson Tel: 01782-544389 or Tony Porter Tel:01782-260857 or (M) 07889129586