Westlands Bowling Club

British Parks Junior Merits 2006

Finals held at Thingwall Recreation Centre, Wirral on Sunday 6th August.

Congratulations to Adam Jackson on reaching the final of this prestigious National event.

Adam's Semi-Final encounter with Chris Halsey, Wirral was a cracking game in which Adam eventually came out with a 21 - 19 win.

In the Final which was interrupted by rain, Adam lost 21 - 16 to Scott Hackworth, South Yorkshire.

Westlands had a second representative in the competition, Matt Hill lost 21 - 16 to Steve Dawson, Wirral, in round 2.

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Adam Jackson

Results - British Parks Junior Merits 2006


Sam Martin (East Midlands)  18
Scott Hackworth (S. Yorks) 21
Jamie Smith (Wirral) 21
Danny Higginson (N Staffs) 17
Stuart Neild (Gtr Manchester) 11
Jamie Hardy (N Derbyshire) 21
Alex Wain (East Midlands) 16
Daniel Carter (Yorkshire) 21
Ben Stapleton (Central Lancs) 21
Michael Ewart (H'vy Woollen) 15
Richard Finch (Wirral) 21
Callum Mailer (N Derbyshire) 2

Byes into Rd 1

James Wagland (S Yorks)
Chris Barton (Wirral)
Greg Chilman (East Midlands)
Steve Dawson (Wirral)
Alex Wolfenden (H'vy Woollen)
Matt Hill (N Staffs)
Tom Mainwaring (Gt Manch.)
Ben Roberts (Yorkshire)
Chris Bray (S Yorks)
Josh Hall (East Midlands)  
Phil Vaughan (Wirral)
Scott Fisher (Heavy Woollen)
Adam Stones (N Derbyshire)
Phil Wheildon (East Midlands)
Matthew Adams (Gt Manch.)
Chris Halsey (Wirral)
Neil Ewart (Heavy Woollen)
Craig Podmore (N Staffs)
James Johns (Wirral)
Daniel Peace (S Yorks)
Adam Jackson (N Staffs)
Daniel Jeffries (Wirral)
Jonathan Peacock (H. Woollen)
James Mainwaring (Gt Manch)
Luke Skitrall (East Midlands)

Round 1

Round 2

Qtr Final



S Hackworth 21 S Hackworth 21 S Hackworth 21 S Hackworth 21 S Hackworth 21
J Smith 6
J Hardy 21 J Hardy 15
D Carter 11
B Stapleton 6 R Finch 17 J Wagland 13
R Finch 21
J Wagland 21 J Wagland 21
C Barton 9
G Chilman 15 S Dawson 21 S Dawson 21 S Dawson 15
S Dawson 21
A Wolfenden 15 M Hill 16
M Hill 21
T Mainwaring 21 T Mainwaring 21 T Mainwaring 17
B Roberts 12
C Bray 21 C Bray 14
J Hall 15
P Vaughan 8 S Fisher 21 S Fisher 20 C Halsey 19 A Jackson 16
S Fisher 21
A Stones 17 P Wheildon 10
P Wheildon 21
M Adams 13 C Halsey 21 C Halsey 21
C Halsey 21
N Ewart 16 C Podmore 14
C Podmore 21
J Johns 21 J Johns 6 A Jackson 21 A Jackson 21
D Peace 10
A Jackson w/o A Jackson 21
D Jeffries 20 J Peacock 21 J Peacock 19
J Peacock 21
J Mainwaring 21 J Mainwaring 13
L Skitrall 11