Westlands Bowling Club

North Staffs Parks Juniors win County League Championship

In their final match of the season North Staffs Parks Junior County team played East Midlands.
To win the Championship they needed 17.5 points from the match (from a possible 27).

In a tightly contested home leg at Bucknall Private they achieved a win by 8 points to 4.

The away leg was at Swadlincote Catholics and an outstanding team effort produced a 9 - 3 win. Man of the Match at Swadlincote was Craig Podmore who fought back from 13 - 2 down to win 21 - 20.

A further 3 points was gained through winning the match aggregate (home + away combined).

This gave an overall Match Score of: -                 North Staffs 20        East Midlands 7

The 20 point total meant a victory in the League by 21/2 points over long time rivals South Yorkshire. This is the first time North Staffs have won the Junior Championship and is the reward for a tremendous performance by all involved. Team Managers John Jenkins and Graham Mumford deserve special mention for all their hard work throughout the year.

Home Leg at Bucknall Private

Todd Ridge Westlands 21 v 11 Nick Dunn Washlands
Jon Price Florence B & T 1 v 21 Ben Harrison Washlands
Ben Jackson Westlands 21 v 20 Ben Ryder Alveston
David Hyatt Westlands 21 v 9 Daniel Hartley Alveston
Aaron Steele Florence B & T 17 v 21 James Glasby Alveston
Lee Wilde Chesterton Park 21 v 15 Jack Brooks Alveston
David Sumner Kingsley 16 v 21 Adam Hartley Hatton
Jake Donaldson Westlands 21 v 5 William Glasby Alveston
Adam Jackson Westlands 21 v 6 Jamie Bradshaw Belvedere Park
Matt Hill Westlands 18 v 21 Joe Gooding Pirelli

North Staffs Total

178   150 East Midlands Total  

1 point scored for each win and 2 points for highest aggregate.
North Staffs = 8 Points  (6 + 2)                                                                      East Midlands  = 4 Points (4 + 0)


Away Leg at Swadlincote Catholics

Danny Higginson Meir Kings Arms 21 v 9 Matt Milson John Carr
Tom Mumford Fegg Hayes 18 v 21 Alex Wain Lamb Inn
Craig Podmore Meir Kings Arms 21 v 20 Matt Fearn Swad'cote Catholics
Martin Kerr Chesterton Park 21 v 7 Sam Martin Eureka Park
George Podmore Meir Kings Arms 21 v 11 Conor Chamberlain Stretton Anglesey
Chris Jenkins Westlands 16 v 21 Josh Hall Eureka Park
Jarrod Hamer Fegg Hayes 18 v 21 Darrell Matkin Pirelli
Ashley Campbell Fenton Private 21 v 12 James Powell John Carr
Mark Leadbetter Meir Kings Arms 21 v 4 Greg Chilman Belvedere Park
Carl Whitfield Meir Kings Arms 21 v 19 Lewis Belcher Swad'cote Catholics

North Staffs Total

199   145 East Midlands Total  

1 point scored for each win and 2 points for highest aggregate.
North Staffs = 9 Points  (7 + 2)                                                                      East Midlands  = 3 Points (3 + 0)

North Staffs receive additional 3 points for having highest aggregate over the 2 legs.
Total Match Score: -
 North Staffs 20 Points (8 + 9 + 3)                      East Midlands 7 Points (4 + 3)